Community Programs & Partnerships As we strive to build relationships with the City of Chicago, and surrounding suburbs, The CHANCE Program promotes and creates partnerships aimed to “enhance and improve the quality of life” for those in need of educational assistance. Partnerships such as; The State Farm Success Series workshops have been designed to introduce participants to the job search and interview process by helping them gain the skills and confidence to successfully acquire a job upon completion of their college degree. This past semester The CHANCE Program has hosted a career fair featuring 40 businesses, of which many were equipped to hire attendees while on site. By hosting these kinds of events, we hope to make the “world of work” more accessible and familiar to our student scholars. TCP partners with programs that operate both on and off campus. Collectively our role to assist students and the community-at-large concentrates on providing the best “living and learning” environment that we possibly can for our students. On-Campus Partners (Mini Grant Projects) The CHANCE Program distributed over $500,000 to campus partners who are all committed to increase retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students. Our campus partners are: the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Applied Health Sciences, College of Business Administration, Department of Performing Arts, Mathematical Science Learning Center and the English Composition Department Off-Campus Partners

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