ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAMS Through our Academic Support Programs, UIC students are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of both traditional & non-traditional workshops. Each year CHANCE hosts two Informational Sessions (fall and spring) that provide detailed information about our programming, mentoring, tutoring, internships, online support system, community service opportunities, and much more. All TCP students must complete an application process, as well as a customized Individualized Learning Agreement that outlines their intended goals for the school year. Within our programming, in partnership with internal and external partners, CHANCE strives to promote student learning and development outcomes that are purposeful, competitive, and prepares them for the "world of work" and beyond. HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROGRAMS In our mission to educate the mind and body of UIC Students, TCP offers several Health and Wellness components aimed to improve mental stability and physical fitness. Through the Health and Wellness Series, students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to experience customized fitness portfolios designed by a personal trainer including circuit training, nutrition information, AIDS awareness seminars, and access to optimal wellness for a healthy lifestyle. CHANCE SUMMER INSTITUTES The CHANCE Summer Institute is designed to introduce underrepresented high school students in their freshmen through senior years to the “world of college.” Through our S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and N.S.T.I. (National Summer Transportation Institute) programs, students are provided the opportunity to experience college life in an urban setting. Access to these camps provides students early entry into S.T.E.M. related careers. Sponsored by Ameresco and the Illinois Department of Transportation, students must complete an application process and a face-to-face interview. Interested scholars are encouraged to apply early because space is limited, and this is a highly competitive program. STUDENT RETENTION PROGRAMS In an effort to retain and graduate UIC Students, TCP offers hands-on opportunities to gain access to "real-world" settings, and prepare for life-long learning through our Success Series Model. This module promotes student learning and development, persistence, and opportunities for post-graduate success through traditional and non-traditional engagement. Our programming , which is designed to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates for underrepresented populations, aims to engage currently enrolled students who are in need of more personalized components, such as academic counseling, tutoring, mentoring, best practices for exam techniques, and study skills enhancement.” ACADEMIC COUNSELING The CHANCE Program provides academic counseling to incoming freshmen and currently enrolled students. Our counseling services provide both face-to-face and a distance learning options (via SKYPE and the Blackboard Learning Management System) to assist students with planning their academic progress to promote academic growth and success. CHANCE programming also focuses on our students' GPA, academic status, financial awareness, self-empowerment, and academic responsibilities. CHANCE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM The Ambassador Program promotes peer-to-peer mentoring and employs the “best and the brightest” of the CHANCE students as Mentors. Their role is to collaborate and work in teams to assure positive student experiences to build "living and learning" communities, student life programs, and cultural enrichment activities aimed to promote recruitment and retention efforts. Through our public and private partnerships, Ambassadors have access to a (paid) internship opportunity within their area of concentration. RECRUITMENT AND OUTREACH PROGRAMS In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, Rich Township District, Community-based Organizations, and Charter Schools, the CHANCE Program offers year-round pipeline programs that define the road to college entry. CHANCE recruitment programming is designed to engage qualified high school students and provide information about the UIC admission and enrollment process. Prospective applicants benefit from customized programming that addresses: how to apply for college, how to select a major, understanding the financial aid process, and access to scholarship opportunities. Students also have the CHANCE to visit the UIC Campus, experience a housing tour, and discuss issues concerning academic preparation, study habits, personal responsibility, and motivation and coping strategies.

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