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Pre-College Summer Camps

Throughout the school year the CHANCE Program engages with several high school districts and various campus and community partners to introduce high school seniors to the “world of college.” Our collective efforts aim to expose students to varying programming on our university campus. During the summer months we are honored to host two camps (STEM Academy and Future Leaders in Business). These camps are FREE of charge, yet limited to a “first-come, first-served” basis. Our Pre-College Summer Programs will afford students an opportunity to be inspired and challenged by expert faculty who will introduce students to college-level learning.

Our Summer Camps have a goal to prepare high school students for success by allowing them the opportunity to experience college-level academics and immerse themselves in their selective course of study (Engineering, Business or Computer Science). Within the Computer Science component students can obtain 3-Credit Hours (upon successful completion). There is also a one-week dormitory (residential stay) for both camps. If admitted all participants are expected to stay on campus during the dorm stay.

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STEM Academy

The CHANCE STEM Academy is a five-week academically intensive Engineering and Computer Science Program offered from June 24 – July 26, 2019 on the University of Illinois at Chicago Campus. STEM Academy is a FREE SUMMER PROGRAM designed for HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS interested in pursuing careers in Engineering or Computer Science. The goal of this 5-Week Program is to expose participants to the world of engineering and computer science. Students will engage in hands-on projects, be exposed to college level curricula and taught by UIC faculty in many courses.

Future Leaders in Business

The UIC Future Leaders in Business Program is a FREE SUMMER PROGRAM designed for RISING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS. The goal of this 5-Week Program is to expose participants to the University of Illinois at Chicago campus and offer comprehensive programming in leadership development and career exploration while receiving academic instruction in the core business areas of accounting, finance, marketing and management. This program also includes a one-week residential component in our UIC Housing Dormitory.

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