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Dr. Phyllis P. Hayes founded the UIC CHANCE Program in 2004. An educator in the Chicagoland area her entire career, Dr. Hayes prides herself with having individuals such as her mentors, Dr. Frances G. Carroll (Former University of Illinois Trustee), and Senator Emil Jones, Jr. (Former President of the Illinois Senate), as the reason for her existence on the UIC Campus.  Besides securing funding for the UIC CHANCE Program, in 2004, Dr. Hayes also secured the initial funding for the UIC Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement in 2008.  Dr. Phyllis P. Hayes began her teaching career with Chicago Public Schools in 1978 at the age of twenty-one years old. She considers herself a dedicated educator who always strives to “improve the quality of life” for those in need.


Dr. Hayes has experience in several educational and community-related aspects, and has served in positions such as; a classroom teacher and administrator in the Chicago Public School System, City Colleges of Chicago, Chicago State University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Hayes prides herself with her experience in enrollment management planning for students of color, retention strategies, the STEM disciplines, governmental relations, public policy, strategic planning, assessment & evaluation, budgetary aspects, community organizing, and educational technology and leadership. Her personal goal is to provide an avenue for students and parents to achieve their educational endeavors while preparing themselves for a “fruitful” life.  Since the onset of designing the CHANCE Program with comprehensive goals and objectives aimed to meet the needs for students of color, Dr. Hayes is proud that the CHANCE Program now serves a diverse group of students. Our ability to “open doors, and change the lives” of those who seek our assistance is nothing short of the passage “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Dr. Hayes is proud of her CHANCE LEGACY as well as the students who have supported the vision of this organization. Upon graduation scholars leave our campus ready to compete in this global society empowered with tools necessary for a successful lifestyle.

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