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Our Summer 2021 Programs will begin during the week of June 1st and will run throughout the month of July.

          This summer we will offer:

Introduction to Blackboard Workshops to incoming freshman (via UIC Summer College Programs).

⋅Summer Pre-College Programming (see RED BOX below).

⋅Academic, Career, Professional Development and Civic Engagement Online Programs for current UIC Students.

⋅CHANCE Summer Engagement Events.

If you are interested in our programming, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: chanceoutreach@uic.edu or call: 312-355-5025. 


ATTENTION: HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS AND STUDENTS.…. Information about Summer Pre-College Programming is listed below, please adhere to deadlines for program applications.

CHANCE Pre-College - Summer Programs for High School Students

High School Juniors and Seniors, “what are you doing this Summer? You should think about investing in yourself and spending 5-Weeks with one of our Summer Pre-College Programs:

             STEM Academy

             Future Leaders in Business

             Digital Scholars

  • Our  5-Week Summer Session begins on Monday, June 28th and concludes on Friday, July 30th.

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