Welcome to our website………..

Our Fall 2021 Programs are underway and the CHANCE Staff is planning for YOUR FUTURE:

          This Fall we will offer:

Several Virtual Workshops aimed to increase your knowledge-base and college success skills to prepare you for “life after college”.

• Our customized and comprehensive programming will concentrate on Academic and Personal Services that include: Virtual and Face-to-Face Tutoring, Career Coaching, Individualized Counseling, Professional/Personal Development initiatives, and cultural enrichment opportunities for UIC Students.

• An opportunity to participate in CHANCE Community Outreach Events.

• Access to CHANCE Staff 24/7 via our CHANCE Virtual Connections Online Campus (via Blackboard Learn Portal). 

If you are interested in our programming, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: chanceoutreach@uic.edu or call: 312-355-5025.